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Cevital is the largest private conglomerate in Algeria, with interests in the agri-food sector, retail, industry and services, created by Issad Rebrab. The company’s headquarters are in Kouba, Algeria. Cevital is a founding member of the Desertec project. The company’s earnings in 2009 were US$3,589 million.

Cevital was founded in 1998

Cevital Food Processing Industry (Cevital Agro-Industrie) consists of various production units such as oil refinery, sugar refinery, margarine production unit, mineral water packaging unit, a unit for producing and packaging refreshing drinks, cannery, port silos as well as a terminal for port unloading. Cevital Food Processing Industry has permitted Algeria to go from the importation stage to the exportation one for oils, margarines and sugar.

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Cevital Information

Founded 1998; 23 years ago
Founder Issad Rebrab
  • Food processing
  • food distribution
  • glass production
  • home appliance
Revenue US$ 3,260 million (2013)
Net income
US$ 382 million (2013)
Subsidiaries (See the list of subsidiaries and affiliates)
Website www.cevital.com


Source – Wikipedia.

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