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Nkosi Johnson Biography 1989 – 2001


Nkosi Johnson was a South African child with HIV and AIDS who greatly influenced public perceptions of the pandemic and its effects before his death at the age of 12. He was ranked fifth amongst SABC3’s Great South Africans.

Kosi Johnson was commanding the masses through the powerful message that he carried. Not only did he create a safe space for HIV/AIDS patients but he also helped create awareness about the disease

Nkosi Johnson

BORN: 4 February 1989

HOME TOWN: Xolani Nkosi

PARENT: Nonthlanthla Daphne Nkosi

DIED: 1 June 2001 (aged 12)

PLACE OF DEATH: Johannesburg, South Africa

RESTING PLACE: Westpark Cemetery, Randburg, South Africa

AWARDS: International Children’s Peace Prize…

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