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Are Internships Worth Doing?


Are Internships Truly Worth Doing, or Are They Just a Way to Get Cheap Labour? People have been confused about taking life decisions, especially when it has to do with taking an opportunity, if you belong here, read more below.

Benefits of Internships

Internships are beneficial because they allow you to learn what it’s like to work in the field you’re interested in, It give you the opportunity to try out a career path before venturing into it. Therefore, with internships, one can get an inside view and a clear understanding of the field he/she aspires to consider.


Internships come in all sorts of flavours. Some of them are paid at the same rate a full-time position would command, and have as their express intention the goal of vetting you for full-time employment.

Others, meanwhile, do indeed exist for the purposes of inexpensive staff augmentation (or, cheap labour, in basic terms).

Depending on your situation and your goals at the time, the second category is not necessarily bad. If the employer gets some capable cheap help for a period of time, and you gain valuable resume points that will strengthen your candidacy for another employer down the track, then everyone wins.

Just make sure you know which type you’re getting into before you commit.

Remember that for whatever it is worth, you need the experience to get experienced, thus, experience is said to be the best teacher.

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Are Free Internships Worth It?

Internships are all about learning how a startup works, how the market works and building a work ethic. Whether it is free or paid internships, it’s about what you are learning in the process, therefore, if you do an internship where you don’t learn any type of skills; don’t learn how the job world works, then there is no point in doing internships.

As well, if you are not learning anything new, not boosting your confidence or doing something that you’re interested in, then there is no point in doing internships either because it won’t matter if you are not skilled enough for the job.

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