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KNUST Website Directory | Official KNUST

KNUST Website Directory | Official KNUST

The Official Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, KNUST has put together a website directory to help the student of the universities through activities with ease, see below.

What is the essence of this page? This page is an online list or catalogue of KNUST Websites. It includes entries about KNUST websites organized into categories and subcategories such as; Colleges, Schools, Faculties, Department, and more.

Official KNUST – https://www.knust.edu.gh

KNUST’s Colleges, Faculties/Schools, Departments, Units and Research Centres

Website URL
College of Engineering coe.knust.edu.gh
College of Agriculture and Natural Resources canr.knust.edu.gh
College of Art and Built Environment cabe.knust.edu.gh
College of Health Sciences chs.knust.edu.gh
College of Humanities and Social Sciences cohss.knust.edu.gh
College of Science cos.knust.edu.gh
Institute of Distance Learning idl.knust.edu.gh
School of Graduate Studies sgs.knust.edu.gh
Faculty of Law law.knust.edu.gh
Faculty of Pharmacy & Pharmaceutical Sciences pharmacy.knust.edu.gh
Faculty of Agriculture agric.knust.edu.gh
Faculty of Educational Studies fes.knust.edu.gh
School of Business business.knust.edu.gh
School of Medical Sciences sms.knust.edu.gh
School of Public Health sph.knust.edu.gh
School of Veterinary Medicine svm.knust.edu.gh
Department of Agricultural & Biosystems Engineering agriceng.knust.edu.gh
Department of Architecture architecture.knust.edu.gh
Department of Biochemistry and Biotechnology biochemistry.knust.edu.gh
Department of Building Technology bt.knust.edu.gh
Department of Chemical Engineering chemeng.knust.edu.gh
Department of Civil Engineering civil.knust.edu.gh
Department of Communication Design decode.knust.edu.gh
Department of Computer Engineering compeng.knust.edu.gh
Department of Electrical/Electronic Engineering eleceng.knust.edu.gh
Department of Computer Science cs.knust.edu.gh
Department of Economics economics.knust.edu.gh
Department of Educational Innovations in Science and Technology (formerly Dept. of General Art Studies) eist.knust.edu.gh
Department of English english.knust.edu.gh
Department of Food Science and Technology foodscience.knust.edu.gh
Department of Geography and Rural Development geography.knust.edu.gh
Department of Geological Engineering geoleng.knust.edu.gh
Department of Geomatic Engineering geomatics.knust.edu.gh
Department of History and Political Studies histpol.knust.edu.gh
Department of Industrial Art industrialart.knust.edu.gh
Department of Integrated Rural Art and Industry industrialart.knust.edu.gh
Department of Land Economy landeconomy.knust.edu.gh
Department of Materials Engineering mateng.knust.edu.gh
Department of Mathematics math.knust.edu.gh
Department of Mechanical Engineering mech.knust.edu.gh
Department of Medical Laboratory Technology medilab.knust.edu.gh
Department of Modern Languages languages.knust.edu.gh
Department of Nursing nursing.knust.edu.gh
Department of Optometry and Visual Science optometry.knust.edu.gh
Department of Painting and Sculpture painting.knust.edu.gh
Department of Petroleum Engineering petrol.knust.edu.gh
Department of Physics physics.knust.edu.gh
Department of Planning planning.knust.edu.gh
Department of Publishing Studies publishing.knust.edu.gh
Department of Religious Studies religions.knust.edu.gh
Department of Sociology and Social Work sociology.knust.edu.gh
Department of Sonography sonography.knust.edu.gh
Department of Sports and Exercise Science exercise.knust.edu.gh
Department of Theoretical and Applied Biology tab.knust.edu.gh
Department of Crop & Soil Science css.knust.edu.gh
Basic School basicschool.knust.edu.gh
The Brew-Hammond Energy Centre energycentre.knust.edu.gh
University Library library.knust.edu.gh
Quality Assurance and Planning Unit qapu.knust.edu.gh
Human Resources Department hrd.knust.edu.gh
Centre for Business Development cbd.knust.edu.gh
Bureau of Integrated Rural Development (BIRD) bird.knust.edu.gh
KNUST Short Courses shortcourses.knust.edu.gh
KNUST Alumni Association alumni.knust.edu.gh
Building Stronger Universities bsu.knust.edu.gh
Technology Consultancy Centre (TCC) tcc.knust.edu.gh
Regional Water and Environmental Sanitation, Kumasi (RWESCK) rwesck.knust.edu.gh
Centre for Cultural and African Studies cecast.knust.edu.gh
Laboratory for Interdisciplinary Statical Analysis lisa.knust.edu.gh
Graduate Students Association of Ghana (GRASAG-KNUST) grasag.knust.edu.gh
Students’ Representative Council src.knust.edu.gh
International Students Association isa.knust.edu.gh
Africa Hall africa.knust.edu.gh
Republic Hall republichall.knust.edu.gh
Queen Elizabeth II Hall queenshall.knust.edu.gh
Unity Hall unityhall.knust.edu.gh
Independence Hall independencehall.knust.edu.gh
University Hall universityhall.knust.edu.gh
Directorate of Sports sports.knust.edu.gh


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