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NaNA About, Website, Contact Details

NaNA About, Website, Contact Details
About National Nutrition Agency
Headquarters: Bakau, The Gambia

About National Nutrition Agency

The National Nutrition Agency (NaNA) was established in 2000 (an amalgamation of the Nutrition Unit of Ministry of Health and the Office of the Nutrition Component Coordinator of the World Bank supported Participatory Health Population and Nutrition Project). The Agency became a legal entity in 2005 by an Act of the National Assembly (Food Act 2005). It is charged with the responsibility of coordinating all nutrition and nutrition related activities in the country.

The Agency is a semi-autonomous government institution answerable to the Office of the Vice President through an Agency Board. NaNA was strategically placed under the Office of the Vice President to remove/avoid sectoral bias, and to attract a wider funding base for nutrition in order to ensure better coordination of nutrition interventions across the sectors as nutrition is cross-cutting. It serves as the Secretariat to the National Nutrition Council (an inter-Ministerial body) and the Scaling up of Nutrition (SUN) Movement.

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NaNA Contact Details

» Address:
Bakau, The Gambia

» Email:

» Tel.:
+220) 449 8851


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