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How to Apply to UN Job Vacancies 2022


There are whole lots of Job Vacancies at the United Nations, most job openings are designed for a specific/generic position in a particular office and duty station. The application process is the same for all job opening types.

  • Job Title: Specific/Generic Position
  • Duty Station: Worldwide
  • Position(s): Fresher Job Opportunities
  • Applications Closing Date: March 2022 – May 2022
  • Vacancy Type: Permanent/Temporary.
  • Organisation: United Nations (UN)

How to Apply to United Nations Vacancies

Before submitting a new application, we recommend that you ensure the details of your work experience are well-presented in the new format. The updated application format appears slightly different from how information was presented in previously submitted applications.

→ See All the United Nations Job Positions.

If you want to receive e-mails letting you know about newly posted jobs, you must first do the following;



To prepare an application, you must first register on this website Click Here to Register.

After you have registered you will be welcomed to your Applications Home page, which is where you will fill out and manage your profile, application form and all information relating to your application(s).



First, you should create a user profile (My Profile).

The information in My Profile includes your name, nationality, contact information and marital status.

You can make changes, such as updating your phone number or family status, to My Profile at any time and the information is automatically updated on all job applications you have already submitted.

After you have registered and completed My Profile, you can create one or several job applications.



The UN application form is the part of your application that has information about your education, language skills, present and past jobs, etc.

The attached resumes are not accepted.

You can start preparing an application form without immediately applying for a job by clicking Create Draft Application.

After you have entered the data you click Save to save the data without submitting it.

You can prepare, access, edit and save one or more fully, or partially completed application forms without applying for a job right away.

NOTE: It is recommended to click Save after each section before exiting the page. Also, be aware that the session times out after 60 minutes of inactivity.

Once you have identified a job opening of interest, you should update the application to highlight important facts relevant to the job you are applying for, as well as to provide answers to the Job Requirements questions and complete your motivation statement.

It is also important to accurately complete and update all the information as it serves as a basis for evaluating your eligibility and suitability for a job opening.



If you want to apply for a specific job after you have filled out your application, click Add job to application.

You will have to answer a set of questions based on the job requirements which will allow you to demonstrate relevant experiences, highlight skills and knowledge, describe related published work, acquired licenses, certifications, and training.

After the job application is complete, you can submit your application by clicking Submit.

Know This

The United Nations does not accept a resume as an attached document and it is neither considered a substitute nor a complementary document to a completed online application. If any additional information or documentation is required, you will be requested to submit it during the application process.

If you have submitted your job application successfully, you will promptly receive an automated acknowledgement by e-mail. Also, note that once an application has been submitted it cannot be changed for that specific job opening.

Each application you have prepared and submitted, and the list of job openings to which you have applied, along with the application status (i.e., “Applied”, “Under consideration”, “Rostered” etc.), are displayed in the My Applications page.

Applications from women candidates are strongly encouraged.

The United Nations does not charge a fee at any stage of the recruitment process (application, interview meeting, processing, training or any other fees). The United Nations does not concern itself with information on bank accounts.

Need Help?

If there should be any difficulty, please visit the United Nations, Career Page.

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