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What are the Courses Offered at EASA?

What are the Courses Offered at EASA?

“Are you looking for the list of courses available at the East African School of Aviation? Below we have the list available for Undergraduate, Postgraduate, Masters, Certificate, Diploma, Distance Learning Programmes offered and more at the East African School of Aviation (EASA).”

The EASA Courses & Programmes is obtained from the official EASA website, therefore this post is accurate.

Lists of Programmes offered at EASA

Certificate Courses

  • Crew Resource Management Course(Crew Resource Management)
  • Certificate in Flight Dispatch(Flight Dispatch)
  • Private Pilot Licence(PPL)
  • Airline Cabin Crew Training(Airline Cabin Crew)
  • PPL and CPL Ground School
  • Digital Cartography
  • AMEL Course(AMEL)
  • Curriculum Development
  • e-AIP Training
  • Certificate in Customs Administration(Customs Administration)
  • Certificate in Aviation Security for Flight Crew(Aviation Security)

Diploma Courses

  • Diploma in Airport Operations(Airport Operations)
  • Diploma in Tours and Travel Operations(Tours and Travel Operations)
  • Diploma in Airline Cabin Crew Duties(Airline Cabin Crew Duties)
  • Diploma in Business Management(Business Management)
  • Diploma in Cabin Crew/Air Hostess(Cabin Crew)
  • Diploma in Public Relations, Customer Care and Service
  • Diploma in Food Nutrition and Dietetics Management(Food Nutrition & Dietetics Management)
  • Diploma in Security Management(Security Management)
  • Diploma in Aeronautical Engineering(Aeronautical Engineering)
  • Diploma in Travel and Tourism(Travel and Tourism)
  • Diploma in computerized clearing and forwarding(clearing and forwarding)
  • Diploma in Journalism and Mass Media Communications(Journalism)
  • Diploma in Logistics and Supplies Management(Logistics & Supplies Management)
  • Diploma in Telecommunication Engineering(Telecommunication Engineering)
  • Diploma in Cartography(Cartography)
  • Diploma in Aeronautical Engineering(Airframes and Engines)()
  • Diploma in Aeronautical Engineering, Avionics(Avionics)
  • IATA Diploma in Travel and Tourism(Travel and Tourism)
  • Diploma in Cargo Air Handling Services


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