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What are the Courses Offered at GUC?

What are the Courses Offered at GUC?

“Are you looking for the list of courses available at the Garissa University College, GUC? Below we have the list available for Undergraduate, Postgraduate, Masters, Certificate, Diploma, Distance Learning Programmes offered and more at Garissa University College (GUC).”

The GUC Courses & Programmes is obtained from the official GUC website as approved by the University Senate and Commission for University Education (CUE), therefore this post is accurate.

Course & Programmes offered at GUC

Degree Courses

  1. Bachelor of Science in Computer Science(Computer Science)
  2. Bachelor of Business Management(BBM)
  3. Bachelor of Education in Arts(Arts)
  4. Bachelor of Science in Actuarial Science(Actuarial Science)
  5. Bachelor of Arts in Economics(Economics)
  6. Bachelor of Science in Mathematics(Mathematics)
  7. Bachelor of Science in Community Development(Community Development)
  8. Bachelor of Science(Science)
  9. Bachelor of Science in Information Science(Information Science)
  10. Bachelor of Environmental Studies(Environmental Studies)
  11. Bachelor of Science in Informatics(Informatics)
  12. Bachelor of Natural Resource Management(Natural Resource Management)
  13. Bachelor of Arts in Geography(Geography)
  14. Bachelor of Arts in Community Development(Community Development)
  15. Bachelor of Education in Science(Science)
  16. Bachelor of Science in Applied Statistics With Computing(Applied Statistics With Computing)
  17. Bachelor Of Science in Analytical Chemistry with Computing(Analytical Chemistry with Computing)
  18. Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and Public Administration(Political Science and Public Administration)
  19. Bachelor of Arts in Human Resources Management(Human Resources Management)
  20. Bachelor of Education in Early Childhood and Primary Education()

Diploma Courses

  1. Diploma in Public Administration(Public Administration)
  2. Diploma in Business Management(Business Management)
  3. Diploma in Information Technology(Information Technology)
  4. Diploma in Education (Education)

Doctorate Courses

  1. PhD in Educational Leadership and Policy(Educational Leadership and Policy)
  2. PhD in Planning(Planning)
  3. Doctor of Philosophy in Administration()
  4. PhD in Curriculum Development()

Masters Courses (4 courses)

  1. Master of Education in Planning and Administration(Planning and Administration)
  2. Master of Education in Curriculum Development(Curriculum Development)
  3. Master of Education in Early Childhood and Primary Education(Early Childhood and Primary Education)
  4. Masters of Education in Administration, Planning and Policy Studies(Administration, Planning and Policy Studies)


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