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Kenya Standard Grading System

Kenya Standard Grading System

In Kenya, the grading system varies according to the overall performance of candidates in the national exam called Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE).

SEE – KCSE Grading System Per Subject 2023.

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All grade thresholds change per year according to the intensity of the exam.

Kenya Grading System for Secondary Schools

Below is the Standard Grading System that is implemented as a base for all series of examinations.

Per cent Grade Points
81–100% A 12
74–80% A- 11
68–73% B+ 10
63–67% B 9
53–62% B- 8
55–59% C+ 7
50–54% C 6
45–49% C- 5
40–44% D+ 4
35–39% D 3
30–34% D- 2
0–29% E 1


Students sit for 7, 8, or 9 subjects, but the overall grade and points are calculated from 7 subjects, as follows:

  • Three courses from Group 1: 101 English, 102 Kiswahili and 121 Mathematics are required
  • Two courses from Group 2: Biology, Physics, and Chemistry
  • One course from Group 3: History and Government, Geography, CRE/IRE/HRE
  • An additional course not among those mentioned above

Kenya Grading System for Undergraduate Degree

The undergraduate degree grading system in Kenya is summarized in the table below:

Grade Scale (%) Description
A 70.0 – 100.0 First Class Honours
B 60.0 – 69.0 Second Class Honours (Upper Division )
C 50.0 – 59.0 Second Class Honours (Lower Division )
D 40.0 – 49.0 Pass
E 0.0 – 39.0 Fail


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