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Safaricom SIM Card Registration


Who Should Register Safaricom SIM?

Register all lines including those belonging to children under the age of 18 and SIM cards used in Safaricom modems or any other data devices such as iPads, iPhones and Tablets.  This is important as it will help reduce SIM related crimes such as hate messages, kidnappings, fraud in mobile money and many others.

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How To Registration Safaricom SIM

We have simplified the process for you;


If you have not registered your SIM, all you need to do is visit any Safaricom shop, Dealer or M-PESA agent.

  • Remember to bring your national ID or other official identification documents.


Those who have registered on M-PESA but have not updated their physical address, postal address and alternative number should dial *232# to update and complete registration.


To confirm if you are fully registered, Dial *232#.

Register TODAY to avoid disconnection!

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  1. When you use this *232#,you get a message that “service not available”. What could be the issue?


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