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Strathmore University School Fees and Bank Details


Strathmore University Fee Structure Saves as a Guide to help the student of the institution through the payment processes.

Strathmore University School Fees and Bank Details

The University of Nairobi Fees Structure for Undergraduate, Diploma & Certificate Programmes are as follows;

Strathmore University Bank Details and Payment Method

Below are the bank details and payment procedure for the University of Nairobi Government-sponsored and self-sponsored students – Undergraduate and Postgraduate.

  • Account Name: Standard Chartered Bank
  • Account No: 010 204 484 4 000
  • Branch: Karen Branch
  • Account Name: CfC Stanbic Bank
  • Account No: 99020
  • Branch: Chiromo Branch
  • Account Name:Co-operative Bank of Kenya
  • Account No: 01129 1604946
  • Branch: Upper Hill Branch
  • Account Name: Strathmore University
  • Account No: 0242027486004
  • Branch: (Any Branch in Kenya)


Students must take note of the following while making payments:

All fees and other charges are payable before the commencement of the academic year as per the respective fee structure.

Upcountry cash payments should be deposited into the Standard Chartered Bank or the Co-operative Bank of Kenya or SBM Bank.

Bank deposit slips should be completed in duplicate: the top copy is kept by the bank; the second copy should be kept by the student.

We also accept payments by Credit/Debit cards — local and international.

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For further clarification, please send a mail via:[email protected]

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