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Why Do I Need a Student Portal? Technical University of Kenya, TU-K Student Portal gives you access to your student data – anytime and from anywhere.

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TU-K Portal provides students with necessary detailed information like; How to register online, How to check the subjects that you are registered for, How to print a proof of registration, How to view your progress marks, How to change your contact information, How to check and pay your fees online. etc…

How to Login to TU-K Student Portal

To log in to your student portal, one needs to follow these steps below;


Navigate to https://portal.tukenya.ac.ke/?r=site/login


Enter your “Username” and “Password”.

  • USERNAME: Your login username in this case is your full registration number, for example ABBQ/00001/2017 or 113/00001.
  • PASSWORD: Login password is as follows:-
    • Intial/default password for KUCCPS/Module I students is KCSE full index number like 01234567891/2016.
    • However, this changes to your birth certificate/passport/national ID number immediately you update your profile.
    • Initial/default password for Module II/Self-sponsored students is what was entered as national ID number when applying online.
    • Once you update your profile, your password becomes your ID/Passport/Birth certificate number and it will change ONLY when you reset it to a new password.


Then, Click on “Log into the Portal“. to proceed.


All fields MUST be filled in correctly else access will not be granted.

If you have any difficulties, we are always going to be here for you, all you need to do is to drop us a comment below.

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