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Rwanda Polytechnic IPRC eLearning Platforms

Rwanda Polytechnic IPRC eLearning Platforms

What is RP IPRC – eLearning Platform?

The Rwanda Polytechnics (RP) Integrated Polytechnic Regional College (IPRC) is a customized platform that is Moodle based. It serves as a portal for RP IPRC academic staff to be able to upload their course materials like syllabus, PowerPoint presentations, video/audio and more; so that exchange between students and teachers is possible from anywhere and at any time.

RP IPRC e-Learning Portal

The link to the RP IPRC E-Learning Portal is stated below.

How to Access RP IPRC e-learning website

  • Navigate to the RP eLearning portal: https://elearning.rp.ac.rw/
  • Select the Colleges of Rwanda Polytechnic Higher Learning Institution (RP) that you are admitted to


If you need help concerning this content, email the RP officially by using the provided contact below.

MURAGIJIMANA Jean de la Paix

  • E-mail: jdpmuragijimana@iprckitabi.rp.ac.rw
  • Tel.: +250788626137


  • E-mail:cumunyana@rp.iprcngoma.ac.rw
  • Tel.:+250783483364

RUGARUZA Jean Claude

  • E-mail: jcrugaruza@rp.ac.rw


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