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Beyers Naudé Biography 1915 – 2004

Christiaan Frederick Beyers Naudé was a South African cleric, theologian and the leading Afrikaner anti-apartheid activist. He was known simply as Beyers Naudé, or more colloquially, Oom Bey.

Jozua Naudé, an Afrikaner cleric, “was convinced that the British would never leave.”He helped to found the Broederbond (Afrikaans, “Brotherhood” or “League of Brothers”), the powerful Afrikaner men’s secret society that played a dominant role in apartheid, South Africa.

Beyers Naudé

BORN: 10 May 1915

HOME TOWN: Roodepoort, Transvaal, South Africa

PARENT: Jozua François Naudé and Adriana Johanna Zondagh van Huyssteen

SPOUSE: Ilse Hedwig Weder

DIED: 7 September 2004 (aged 89)

PLACE OF DEATH: Johannesburg, South Africa

RESTING PLACE: Beyers Naudé Grave Site in Waterval 211-Iq, Randburg, Gauteng.23 Jul 2014


NICKNAME(S): Uncle Bey

AWARDS: Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights Award (1985)…

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