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SU Admission Status – Track Your Status Online 2022


If you have already applied for admission and would like to track the status of your application/registration, access the procedures in well-organised steps below.

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SEE – SU Registration 2022.

Having completed your SU application, note therefore that the application status is open for tracking.

How to Track SU Application Status 2022

Here’s how to check your University of Stellenbosch, SU status online, follow every instructions for successful completion.


Navigate to “Application Status Page” – https://sso-legacy.sun.ac.za/cas/login?service=https://web-apps.sun.ac.za/student-application-status/shiro-cas


Enter the Username and Password then click on the “Sign In” to move to the next step


The next step is unknown to us, but if your student number is valid, you’ll have to follow up till conclusions.

This is the only way to know if your SU application was actually successful.

Congrats to students whose applications are accepted, welcome to the future!

SEE – SU Student Portal

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