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Hendrik Verwoerd Biography 1901 – 1966


Hendrik Frensch Verwoerd was a South African politician, a scholar of applied psychology and sociology, and chief editor of Die Transvaler newspaper. He is commonly regarded as the architect of Apartheid.

Verwoerd played a significant role in socially engineering apartheid, the country’s system of institutionalized racial segregation and white supremacy, and implementing its policies as Minister of Native Affairs (1950–1958) and then as prime minister (1958–1966).

Hendrik Verwoerd

BORN: 8 September 1901

HOME TOWN: Amsterdam, Netherlands

PARENT: Anje Strik (mother) and Wilhelmus Johannes Verwoerd (father)

SPOUSE: Betsie Schoombie ​(m. 1927)

DIED: 6 September 1966 (aged 64)

PLACE OF DEATH: Cape Town, South Africa

RESTING PLACE: The Heroes’ Acre in Pretoria.


OCCUPATION: Professor, politician, newspaper editor

NICKNAME(S): The architect

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