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Mimi Coertse Biography


Mimi Coertse, DMS is a South African soprano. On 26 January 2020, Mimi was also inaugurated as a living legend in the South African Legends Museum. She was one of only 20 legends from whom a bust was also made.

Coertse, born in Durban, matriculated at the Helpmekaar Girls High School in Johannesburg. She began vocal studies in South Africa in 1949. Her first vocal coach in Johannesburg was Aimee Parkerson.

Mimi Coertse

BORN: 12 June 1932 (age 89)

HOME TOWN: Durban, Natal, Union of South Africa

CHILDREN: 2 (adopted)

OCCUPATION: Opera singer

NICKNAME(S): “Prima donna”

AWARDS: Austrian Decoration for Science and Art…

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