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DBE’s NSC Examinations 2023: Compilation of Exams Centres


The registration of DBE candidates for the 2023 national examinations has been completed by all provinces, and the national registration outlook as provided by DBE is as follows (as of 30 September 2023):

NSC (Nov 2023)

  • Full-Time – 735 677
  • Part-Time – 162 109
  • Grand Total: 897 786

DBE’s NSC Examinations Centres 2023:

DBE’s NSC examinations will be written at approximately 11,308 examination centres across the country and marking will be conducted at about 193 marking centres.

IEB has registered 13,894 candidates for the November 2023 national examinations compared to 13,201 in 2020 who will be writing at 237 examination centres across the country.

SACAI has registered 4,361 part-time NSC candidates who will write at 72 centres across the country.

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