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Global Good Fund Fellowship Program 2023


The Global Good Fund Fellowship is a 12-month program supporting the leadership development of social enterprise leaders across the globe.

Global Good Fund Fellowship for Social Entrepreneurs ($10,000 grant) Advertisement

  • Position(s): Several
  • Applications closing Date: June 30, 2023
  • Vacancy Type: Permanent/Temporary.
  • Company Name: Solutions Journalism Network

The Global Good Fund develops each innovator by pairing them with one professional executive coach and one c-suite business executive who serves as a mentor, and by providing leadership assessment resources, a network of peers, sector expertise, and targeted financial capital.

This fellowship is for social entrepreneurs who are working to create social impact within their communities and are ready to scale their leadership to further their business. The Global Good Fund’s vision to change the world starts by investing in society’s most innovative entrepreneurs. They create a better world by investing in society’s most innovative entrepreneurs.

Program Elements

  • They administer the 360 MIRROR leadership assessment tool ​designed specifically for social entrepreneurs to ​deriv​e​ feedback from their board, staff, peers, and stakeholders as well as the Fellow. The Fellow will retake the leadership assessment at the end of the Fellowship and then 1, 3, 5, and 10 years post Fellowship to track his/her growth.
  • The results of the 360 MIRROR are used by each Fellow with his/her professional executive coach (​EC). The 360 MIRROR data points combined with one-on-one executive coach interactions over 3 months result in each Fellow creating a personalized Leadership Development Plan (LDP).
  • Each Fellow is paired up with 1 dedicated professional executive coach and 1 dedicated c-suite business executive who serves as a mentor. Over the 12-month Fellowship period Fellows receive intensive 1:1 executive coaching and business mentorship sessions via phone/Skype/WhatsApp. The coach and the mentor serve as accountability partners, challenging the Fellow to complete his or her Leadership Development Plan and provide personalized and consistent support along the way.
  • Fellows participate in an annual Global Good Fund Summit each spring. This 4-day event provides a platform for networking between Fellows, Executive Coaches, Business Mentors, Alumni, and The Global Good Fund staff. The Summit is a curated leadership development experience for each Fellow.
  • Each Fellow receives a $10,000 grant. These funds are to be used explicitly for the implementation of his/her Leadership Development Plan and on leadership development with a special focus on experiential learning.
  • Fellows are part of a global cohort of social entrepreneurs. The Global Good Fund facilitates regular interaction among the Fellows. Fellows are encouraged to engage each other, Alumni, and Content Experts in tackling leadership development challenges. The Global Good Fund intentionally connects Fellows with Content Experts to address specific functional, sector, or geographic issues faced by each Fellow.



  • The enterprise that the candidate leads is at least two years old;
  • The enterprise must have at least one full-time employee in addition to the candidate;
  • The applicant is committed flextime to running their enterprise.
  • Applicants should not be currently receiving formal coaching/mentoring support; if they are applying for other fellowships within the 2023 fellowship cycle, please make sure it is indicated within your application.
  • The applicant has to be in a position where they have decision-making power.
  • The applicant is preferably under the age of 40 and, if not, can demonstrate coachability and openness to learning.


  • An organization can be a for-profit, non-profit or hybrid.
  • An organization can be international, domestic (US-based), or both.
  • The organization’s core mission must be related to social impact.
  • The Global Good Fund Fellowship is primarily focused on selecting enterprises in the following sectors: Financial Technology, Environment, Education, Economic Mobility, and Health; however they will consider applicants who fall outside these areas.
  • The organization has a set and sound business model with the ability to scale in the long term.

How to Apply

Phase I consists of a preliminary questionnaire that is reviewed for alignment with Fellowship criteria. Candidates who meet the requirements will be invited to participate in Phase II of the application process.

→ Click here to apply.

For more information, visit Global Good Fund Fellowship.


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